We’re on our way!

Boy oh boy, there is much to do when starting from a seedling. We are growing bit by bit everyday, and what a fun journey it is so far! We have to send out such love to Gene Williams, owner of Asphalt Paving & Maintenance for making us a priority in his schedule. As I type this, Gene and his crew are hard at work, helping make our dreams come true!parkinglot1

What a complete difference 24 hours makes! Today we see the fruits of their labor, Gene and his team came out and in a matter of hours, we were on our way! We can’t thank the folks over at Asphalt Paving & Maintenance enough for their dedication and efficiency! parking lot complete

We have so much work to do still, but we are so excited. There are permits, inspections, and builders, chances to meet folks, opportunities to learn the ins and outs of city planning. It seems at times that this is such an arduous journey, but I am a Texan girl, and my grandma always told me “The apple is always sweeter if you planted the tree yourself.” What a joy it will be the first day we open our doors to young minds and spirits and to be so rewarded by watching them discover and grow.  We do so hope you travel along with us on this unique opportunity to really see what it is to open a school from the roots down to the ground up. It’s gonna be amazing, come along for the ride!

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