Community School building- let’s go!



We are hard at work cultivating a new and exciting space to promote learning and growth here in the Georgian Oaks neighborhood. Opening a preschool is no easy task, but we know that with every hurdle we are approaching an opportunity to build community and create the school that meets the needs of our neighborhood.  There is only one preschool in the North Lamar Combined neighborhood plan here off of Rundberg, and we can’t wait to see that change!

We’re preparing for the READ Fall Fest hosted by the Rundberg Educational Advancement District and we are simply thrilled to be included! This will be our first foray into the community and we certainly hope everyone will come out and say hello!

We have quite a journey ahead of us to bring the school to the neighborhood; permits, contractors, and growth, oh my! BUT we can’t wait to become a part of the community.  Check back here to follow us on our trek as we work towards putting down roots.

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