We hear a lot about the development of the “whole child”, but what does this mean, and what does it look like? In order to support children’s social, cognitive, physical, and even moral development, it is essential to balance support and freedom, and to meet the child where they are. […]

Montessori and the Development of Independence – Part 3 (Competence)

Our Charlie Brown tree!
While we are working hard to bring the school to life, we realize the importance of taking some time to celebrate our community. We recently attended a Georgian Acres Neighborhood Association meeting for the first time and learned about their desire for more community outreach and tentative plans to host […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The entrance of Austin Wildlife Rescue
         This weekend, our friends over at First Floors* were here getting started on our fence for the backyard (!!!) and I was here doing some homework for classes while they were on the property.  Mike came in to tell me that we had a juvenile owl in our backyard […]

Our Backyard Surprise!

parking lot complete
Boy oh boy, there is much to do when starting from a seedling. We are growing bit by bit everyday, and what a fun journey it is so far! We have to send out such love to Gene Williams, owner of Asphalt Paving & Maintenance for making us a priority […]

We’re on our way!

Hello!   We are hard at work cultivating a new and exciting space to promote learning and growth here in the Georgian Oaks neighborhood. Opening a preschool is no easy task, but we know that with every hurdle we are approaching an opportunity to build community and create the school […]

Community School building- let’s go!

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“We must clearly understand that when we give the child freedom and independence, we are giving freedom to a worker already braced for action, who cannot live without working and being active.” (Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind) Autonomy Support A key component of the Montessori environment that supports development of independence […]

Montessori and the Development of Independence – Part 2 (Autonomy)

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Recently for my Montessori Primary training program we were required to write a philosophy paper on one of many key topics to the Montessori Philosophy and Method. Since I sometimes struggle in having the patience and clarity to support Oscar’s development of independence, I figured I should give this topic some […]

Montessori and the Development of Independence – Part 1

“Teaching, like any other truly human activity, emerges from one’s inwardness, for better or worse.  As I teach, I project the condition of my soul onto my students and our way of being together  The entanglements I experience in the classroom are often no more or less than the convolutions […]

Confessions of A Montessori Novice – The Path (Volume 4)

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What a month!! I feel pretty silly for being so impatient, because I really had no idea what I was in for.  We’re halfway through the Philosophy curriculum and taking stop at Practical Life.  I have learned so much, and I’m feeling like I understand Montessori’s writing style, if not […]

Confessions of Montessori Novice – Grateful if not yet Graceful ...

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Classes Start Monday! I am beyond excited to start my program on Monday.  My cohort is set, the Moodle (online learning environment) is up and running, and my first exciting class IS….ORIENTATION. :/ (sad trombone). Well, I mean, I know it’s helpful to get to know a program and find my […]

Confessions of a Montessori Novice – Have Patience… (Volume 2)