This weekend, our friends over at First Floors* were here getting started on our fence for the backyard (!!!) and I was here doing some homework for classes while they were on the property.  Mike came in to tell me that we had a juvenile owl in our backyard […]

Our Backyard Surprise!

Boy oh boy, there is much to do when starting from a seedling. We are growing bit by bit everyday, and what a fun journey it is so far! We have to send out such love to Gene Williams, owner of Asphalt Paving & Maintenance for making us a priority […]

We’re on our way!

Hello!   We are hard at work cultivating a new and exciting space to promote learning and growth here in the Georgian Oaks neighborhood. Opening a preschool is no easy task, but we know that with every hurdle we are approaching an opportunity to build community and create the school […]

Community School building- let’s go!

zoo animal matching game 2
  Whenever Oscar starts doing something that makes me feel a little frenzied (like messing in the dishwasher while I’m loading it), I have started trying to identify what’s so interesting to him about the situation.  I’ve found that if I make him a “work” or learning activity to correspond […]

If it’s making you frenzied…make fun of it!